Magento banners finally got smart!

Improve banner conversion for up to 200% by targeting each banner to specific audience based on user behavior!

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Target your audience

30+ targeting options, including referral url, country, visited categories, cart content and other conditions.

By targeting each banner to specific audience we can guarantee you that conversion will drasticaly improve.

Example: If somebody came from Google to product page belonging to category Gardening, it makes sense to show to this user on first page banners from this category and not from Sports.

A/B split testing and statistics

No more blind guessing, only decissions based on scientific data.

You can create unlimited number of A/B tests. Create different banners for the same audience and test which one gives you better conversion. Each banner has statistics which includes impressions, unique impression, clicks/CTR and conversions.

Multi banners layout

You can easily create custom grid of almost any desired size and adjust it to fit your page layout and design. The grid is not just a set of banners, it can be used as a full landing page. No coding is required, grid can be created using our builder.

Each grid has conversion data, you can very easily disable grid A and enable grid B to track not only banners but also grid conversion.

Visual live editor and templates

Your employees can easily create new versions without any coding or Photoshop. To make it easier, we also included predefined elements and professional templates.

Professional templates

And more...


Features List

  • Multi banner layout builder
  • Full width or fixed width layout
  • Reponsive banners support
  • Slider configuration (Show arrows, Show dots, Fade in or Slide)
  • A/B testing
  • Layout and banners statistics (Impressions, Unique impressions, Clicks/CTR, Conversions)
  • 10+ automatic positioning or manual code insertion
  • Set device (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Store view
  • Include pages, exclude pages
  • Display based on visited categories
  • Display based on referral url
  • Live visual editor
  • 100+ free Google fonts already included
  • Elements and banner templates
  • Date from, Date to
  • Day of the week
  • Country, exclude country
  • Returning vs new visitor
  • Display based on cart conditions (Subtotal, Qty, Product attribute in cart, Not product attribute in cart, Product categories in cart)

Technically improved

This solution is based on our popular Popup extension which has been installed on 2000+ stores and it is one of the best rated Magento Marketplace extensions. No conflicts with themes or other extension. It works also with fullpage extensions.