The below you can find some answers to most common questions. If you have any other question please contact us.

How to install the extension

Download the latest version of extensions from http://www.magebird.com/download/Banner_package.zip. Temporary disable Magento cache and compilation (if enabled).
Upload everything inside folder "For upload" to your Magento root folder.
Clear Magento cache. Banner menu will be added to top admin menu under CMS tab.

Create layout

Our Banner Extension gives you option to create layout/grid that will hold multiple banners on the same page.

Multi blocks layout:

These type of layouts are usually used on homepage, you can display more banner inside the same layout. You can choose one of the predefined templates with already defined block or you can create entire own layout.

Full width banner layout:

In full width banner background image will be as wide as the parent wrapper where you put the banner, it will automatically adjust size. Each full width banner has also inner width. This is the place that doesn't resize as long the parent wrapper is wider than inner width. If the parent wrapper surrounding the layout is narrower, inner width will adjust size and it will be as wide as the parent width.

Fixed banner layout:

Full width layout:

Responsive banner

The extension will automatically resize layout and banners based on device. It will resize all elements proportionally. There are advantages and disadvantages for this. Very good advantage is that you can use visual editor to design your banners and the positions of all elements will be always the same, it won't break the banner design. Disadvantage is that some titles could be too small when your banners resize for mobile devices. For this reason we suggest that you don't use too small fonts and always check also mobile preview. If the titles are too small, you can create separate banner just for mobile devices. To create separate banner for desktop/tablet devices, create two banners and use option Devices inside Show conditions. For one banner choose Desktop & Tablet and for second one choose Mobile.

Product attribute show conditions

Banner Extension gives you option to show banner only if product attribute matches your value (e.g. if product price is higher than 100$, if color is green, ...). You will find field 'Product Attribute' inside 'Show conditions'. Write your_attribute_code=your_value. You can use the following comparison operators: =,!=,>,>=,<,. Use dobule comma (,,) to use more conditions. Use % to use match condition(see example the below) and use OR for or condition (see the below).

Show banner on product page if price is equal or higher than 100 and if color is not yellow: price>=100,,color!=yellow
Show banner on product page if value for attribute color is empty: color=EMPTY
Show banner on product page if value for attribute color is NOT empty: color!=EMPTY
Show banner if sku contains "LZ": sku=%LZ%
Show banner if product sku contains "LZ" OR if product color is yellow: sku=%LZ%,,OR color=yellow

Premium and free features

Our Banner extension is one of the most advance extensions on market. Most of the features are lifetime free. To cover the cost of development we introduced also some extra premium features. The premium futures can be used for free for 30 days. After that period, you need to insert licence key if you want to continue using it. You can buy the licence key here to unlock all features.

Callback banners

When you apply show conditions to your banner and if the conditions don't match, it will show empty space in your layout. To resolve this problem, you can choose a callback banner. The callback banner will be shown when no conditions match for any of your banners. When you select callback banner, this banner will be shown when there is no other banner for show regardless conditions applies to the callback banner or the banner status.

GDPR and cookies

Our extension uses cookies to store information about which pages a user visited and which products added to cart to determine which banners to display. These cookies are not associated with any personally identifiable information to avoid GDPR incompliance.