Floating Sliding Cart

Convert Magento shopping cart link to a floating sliding block when user is using vertical scroller.

Floating Sliding Cart extension converts Magento shopping cart to a floating and sliding block that is moving down and up when the user is using vertical scroller.

This improves usability. Customers will always see where is cart located and you won't lose any purchases because of shopping cart view loss.


  • -Set own background, button and text colors
  • -Set your own top,buttom and left,right position
  • -Displays only when products are in the cart
  • -Display always cart content or just when user hovers the cart icon
  • -Auto fadein/fadeout when user makes scrolling
  • -No configurations needed, this extensions comes with predefined settings that can be used immediately.


  • Upload extension to your Magento root directory
  • Clear Magento cache
  • To change default settings go to System->Configuration->Floating Sliding Cart. If you see 404 error, log out and log in again!