Newsletter Popup

Newsletter popup with 30+ configuration options, including coupon, Mailchimp and other features.

Magento Newsletter popup extension with 30+ configuration options. Countless number of awesome features such as exit intend popup technology, dynamic generate coupon codes, show filters (country, url, customer group, devices, ...), A B testing and many others.

3rd party newsletter service integration included. E-mail can be stored inside your Magento and/or into the following services:
-Campaign monitor

Popup coupon code:
-Static or dynamic auto generated coupon codes
-Apply coupon code to cart automatically (yes/no)
-Send coupon code to e-mail (yes/no)

Different show when options:
-Instantly when page loads
-When mouse leaves browser window
-After defined seconds
-After user uses scroller

Advance analytics that shows you who clicked inside popup, how many users subscribed and how many users closed popup or windows. A B testing support is also included.

The extension comes with professional templates you can use. You can change any template using TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor or custom css field. Or you can create own design from scratch using html code or editor.

+40 more configuration options and functionalities.

Prior this version, newsletter popup was part of Popup extension. We splited this product into separate standalone version for those who need only newsletter at lower price. This add-on can be now used as separate product or part of Magento Popup Essential package. The only difference in functionality between packages is that when you buy only Newsletter Popup add-on, you can create popup only for newsletter. All other functionality are the same. If you want to use also Popup Essential, you just need to insert new licence key. See the entire list of unlimited fantastic functionality in Popup Essential page.